Trends that will bloom your WordPress Website in 2019

One of the biggest trends followed by the tech people, is with the development of WordPress. Being part of the ever growing business field, every business owner would want to own a well to do website for the expansion of their business. With the ever growing advanced technology and trends that get an update at a regular place, we also have an ease about an understanding of how to get innumerable platforms for the development of a web application.

With so many tools and software available, it makes it programming so easy. A person who has less experience with coding but has immense interest in development can also develop a better website. We get to see many such platforms for a fancy yet a very classic website like WordPress, Wix, etc.

Let’s get into several such trends that WordPress offers you and would create a beautiful change with themes and features at its best. WordPress is an open source website creation tool that is written in PHP. The most powerful and useful website is also an blogging content management system. Web creation become even more easier because of this tool.

The WordPress platform is known best to have about a myriad of benefits like : free cost, holding a passionate community, developers are experienced and quickly expanding with their techniques with themes, layouts, plugins to allow it to accommodate any website need and definite purpose.

While most of the WordPress plugins are used as blogging platforms, it fits in with any organization

Let’s get onto the dept about the trends of WordPress websites.

  1. Drag and Drop
  • Theme customization has been easy bot not a very simple task to do. With this new and exciting trend of Drag And Drop Themes, introduced by WordPress, it makes designing even more interesting. The level of customization allows users to showcase the website without writing any codes. Themes like Uplift, Be Theme and Foundry are few of the live examples of responsive drag and drop themes.
  1. Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Reality basically is experiencing things through our computer, that actually does not really exist.

Companies like Sony, Google and Apple are on a constant search on different ways to apply virtual reality. With an impeccable flexibility WordPress is the leading platform for web development and designs. The plugins which are developed by WordPress are appropriately boosting the business as well as user experience.

WordPress supports 360- degree videos and photos with chances of enhancement in experience with a VR plugin.

  1. Push Notifications
  • Web Push Notifications are clickable rich content messages sent to your device by a website or a web app. One of the most up and coming marketing channels. In this growing year with technology and applications there are more and more websites that offer sending it to the users. It has become way pervasive that it causes you to ask about add push notifications to your WordPress website?
  1. Minimalism
  • Minimalist design focuses more on simplicity while using flat colors, clarity, and plenty of white space. It does not just focus on showcasing your content, it also ensures that your site loads fast and look good on every devices.

This type of minimalism can be seen in the Arnold theme, that aims at creatives and makes great use of white space to let the text and images both shine.

  1. Animations
  • This type of trend gives a special type of excitement for your website. Using them can bring life to formerly rigid pages, in combination with micro- interactions.

How is moving graphics used for sites?

Logos – It makes it more memorable with animations. It is not just your logo that is recognized but as well as the way it is has been presented to them.

Loading animations – A staple of operating systems, but also possible on the net. from accessing to actual seeing the websites and same time conveying the activity, it helps with bridging them all. It helps your users feel more lively about your work.

Navigation – Moving from classic navigation, we are on a verge of expressing clear cuts navigation. Hidden menus being vogue, slide-ins and other animations make their appearance less jarring.

Hover effects – Mouse-over effects, conveying the possibility to interact with certain elements. showcasing users to take action and make them likely to do so.

  1. Vibrant colour schemes.
  • With better monitors and devices capable of showing them, the use of myriads of colours on your website. Saturated colour schemes, themes and contrast it helps in making and giving your website an all new and vibrant effect.

For example, the skin theme enables you to choose two colours in a perfect way to make your site look effectively new and beautiful.

  1. CSS Grid
  • A very responsive way of grid that changes drastically depending on where it is displayed. This type of design most often is to be seen on mobile devices. Page elements shrink and reorganize depending on the size of the window. The same sort of reorganization can be done in standard browsers, where pages design shifts in real- time as you change the size of the window.

Being flexible and ease in terms of customization are essential elements when it comes to site development. You can also be very creative and customize your website with WordPress. It helps in giving you features and themes of your own choice.

WordPress website development is the most simple yet a very innovative way of being flexible and ease in terms of customization are essential elements when it comes to site development. Do not hand over your problems to even more complicated terms, but lean over to stick around with flexible frameworks and infrastructures that takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders and allowing possibilities for even bigger and greater development.

WDI, an ISO certified WordPress development company provides you with all these exciting features and services to help make your website look good.

To conclude, WordPress is the most efficient and easiest source for people who need an all new website of their own liking. It is free, responsive, secure and highly customizable. Looking out for a digital publishing platform, that can be used with ease and be confident about the security not being linked with hackers, you definitely need to try WordPress.

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